Monday, March 17, 2008

So far, so good!

I've got to admit that ever since the scale dropped below 200, I've been waiting on the rebound. Since about 6 mos postop, that has just been the way my weight loss has gone! Lose a few pounds to reach a new all-time low and then bounce back up part of the way... Then I bounce around for a few days before getting back to that low spot and dropping even lower again.

This time, for whatever reason, it hasn't happened. This morning, I'm at a new low of 197.4. I honestly had given up hope of seeing onederland. I'd been stuck between 201 and 205 for so many months, bouncing around and not really hitting below 202 very consistently. Then, all of a sudden--BAM, 198! WTF? Where did that come from? LOL I got off the scale at my surgeon's office with that printed slip in my hand saying 198 and thought--"I must be dehydrated! And, I haven't eaten... It won't last...." I just knew that when I got home my own scale would say 200 point something. But, low and behold, even with eating dinner on the way home and having some iced tea later, the scale still said 198 point something at home that night. And, the next day it went to 197.8. Now, 197.4. Maybe I will see 185 at some point. But, just seeing that one makes this whole journey--all 18 months of it--worthwhile!

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