Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nothing new...just an update!

And it hasn't even been 3 months!  LOL  I thought I'd take a minute to let you know that I am still here and kicking!  No further medical issues other than going in for an iron infusion.  My numbers were crappy again and we decided to head it off before it bottomed out...  Thank you to my employer for providing me health insurance so that this is possible. 

Our school year is winding down...last day for the kids is June 7th.  Teachers work one more day and get out on June 8th.  No big plans for a great vacation or anything, so not much to say there!  I will be traveling to Peoria, IL for a few days to attend a program called "Congress in the Classroom."  That should be fun!  I'm currently participating in a National Writing Project workshop on Web 2.0 technologies that finishes up on June 18th with a presentation day for the summer institute portion of the National Writing Project at Florida Gulf Coast University.  And, I may go to FSU for a week this summer for a 4-H Legislature workshop...  That is a trip with some local 4-H  members who will be the actual participants.  And, there's the possibility of spending 2 or 3 weeks on the truck with hubby...  We'll see what actually happens! 

Note to potential home invaders--there's plenty of folks going to be home even when I'm gone!  I just can't seem to get those grown children (and now grandchild) to move on and find their own place!  Oh day!!  Maybe then we can afford that fancy vacation!  LOL

And, the world's greatest grandchild will be home tomorrow after he spends the day at "Goofy's House" again... (Disney World!)  So, things are looking better by the hour!
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