Monday, December 31, 2007

A new year and new goals?

So, I got in on a conversation today about New Year's resolutions... It got me to thinking and made me realize that I had NEVER made resolutions as all I had ever seen were folks who made them and then failed to DO them. And, then there were all those folks who resolved to lose weight in the new year... That never was pretty! They'd get off to such a good start with measuring portions and counting calories. They may even have gotten as far as actually exercising beyond the remote control lifts they'd done the previous year. BUT, then they crashed. It always happened. They'd crash because they went a week without losing weight OR they really wanted _____ to eat or whatever reason, but they always crashed. And, to make matters worse, they gained back anything they had lost AND put on a few more pounds to boot. I had enough issues. I didn't need that painful cycle!

Don't get me wrong--I dieted! Oh boy, did I diet! And I tried everything I knew of to make a difference. But, nothing worked for me. My hypothyroidism complicated matters further. Then I had gastric bypass surgery and my life has been changed forever. When 2006 started, I had NO clue that I would finally pursue the WLS that my doctors had been suggesting for no less than 5 years. I had not even started the process as I just knew that they'd finally figure out why I couldn't lose the weight and help me do something about it. But, as my health continued to falter, it became obvious that things weren't going to get better, only worse and that I needed to take that step in order to change the way it all turns out.

SO, here I am another year later. I'm also 205 pounds lighter! I've lost 100 pounds in a year---twice! I lost the first hundred between July of 2006 and the end of 2006. I lost the second hundred during 2007. I'm now making a New Year's resolution to lose another 20 pounds and reach my personal goal of 185 during 2008. I'm also going to commit to sticking to my new, healthier lifestyle of eating and exercising and to increase the level of exercise that I do and maintain. AND, I am going to participate in a PUBLIC exercise event in 2008! I will be walking a leg of a marathon relay on Feb 16, 2008 at Myrtle Beach's Bi-Lo Marathon. For me, this is a 5 mile walk and my time affects the whole team's time. This is HUGE for this lady! I hope I don't let my team mates down! I am also hoping that this event goes well enough that I will want to do it again later! I'd like to work up to doing half marathons (13 miles).

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Half of me!

Today when I weighed myself, that wonderful scale said TWO OH FIVE! Yes, 205 pounds. That is the half-of-me point. I have lost as much as I weigh. I weigh half what I did when my journey started (410 start weight). This is a milestone for sure! Next milestone will be 199 and ONEderland!
Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Still Amazed...

I'm still amazed that each day I wake and rise without pain.
I'm still amazed each day when I look in the mirror and see that my loss isn't really a dream.
I'm still amazed each day I drive somewhere and look down my "belly" to see that huge gap between me and the steering wheel.
I'm still amazed at how far and long I can now walk without pain or being out of breath.
I'm still amazed when I see that number on the scale.
I'm still amazed at the looks I get from friends who haven't seen me in a while.
I'm still amazed by how much my hubby loves me--fat or not-so-fat.
I'm still amazed by how much I can do now that I've dropped 200 pounds!

I just had to post this after composing an email to a high school friend for whom I just recently got an email address and I haven't seen since our 20 year reunion in summer of 2005.

Hugs to you all!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

209 this week!

This week, with the departure of good ole Aunt Flow, I am down to 209... That is 201 pounds lost! When I hit 205, I'll be half the person I was when I started at 410. Next big step after that is ONEderland!
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