Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 4 of back on track...

Things are still going okay (not great, but not bad either) with getting my eating back on track. I missed my 100 grams of protein today, but the carbs were better than yesterday even with that danged banana I ate...

breakfast--Atkins Advantage protein bar

lunch--ham and cheese Egg Beaters ommlette
snack--mixed nuts and a small banana
dinner--ground beef patty with slice of cheese and sauteed onions on top
snack--Kay's Naturals white cheddar Kruncheeze

Totals for the day are not terrible, but not the lowest so far either! LOL 1200 cals, 60 net carbs and 95 protein and I got in over a gallon of liquids (actually working on the 5th 32 ozs right now). Tomorrow is my 18 mos postop appt with my surgeon. I've lost 207 pounds and am at 203 from 410. I know he thinks I've done good, but I sooooooo wanted to be below 200 by now! The really bad part is that with being on the go all day tomorrow, I'll either not eat enough OR eat too many calories but be low on protein. We'll see how it turns out!

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