Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another day down... Day 4 of back on track

Today (Saturday) was day 4 of my back on track program... I got off to a fair start, then the Kay's Naturals order showed up and I ate a whole bag of the butter pretzels! So, let's see how the day worked out:

breakfast--1 oz Kay's Naturals french vanilla Protein Os cereal
snack--Carb Master yogurt and mixed nuts
lunch--salad with leftover steak and cheese on top
snack--Kay's Naturals butter pretzel twists (1.5 servings)
dinner--taco salad with meat sauce and cheese
before bed--Atkins Advantage chocolate coconut protein bar

For the day, that works out to 1580 calories, 80 carbs and 123 protein. The 80 carbs wouldn't be as bad if it weren't NET carbs! It was actually 118 total carbs. But, there were a lot of salad veggies in there too! And, 28 grams of fiber is nothing to sneeze at when you fight constipation as regularly as I do. So, all in all, I guess not a terrible day. I also got in my full gallon of liquids by like 8 pm, so will be closer to 150 or more ounces by the end of the night.

The scale was down to 201.8 this morning. It would be SO cool to see 199.9 even by Monday when I see my surgeon for my 18 mos postop appt. We'll see if it actually happens!

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