Friday, March 7, 2008

The scale is dropping!

Apparently this effort to get back on track is slowly paying off. I've not had any miraculous drops of 1 to 2 pounds overnight, but I am slowly inching towards 199 with a tenth of a pound dropping most days. Today, I am at 201.2 which is an ALL time low for me so far. I've never even seen that number on the scale for 10 minutes before going back up to something else! You know how every once in a while, you will see a much lower number than you've been averaging but then the next day you are right back where you were two days before? Not even in those situations have I ever been this low! So, 201.8, 201.6, 201.5, 201.4 (for a couple days), and now 201.2. That is more progress this last week than in the last month!

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