Saturday, March 15, 2008

And it stuck!

I have to admit that while the scale said 198 yesterday, I fully expected to rebound a bit today and be higher. Granted, I was praying it would still be below 200, but I expected to be up a bit. That is just how my body works normally. I hit an all time low and then I bounce up and down a bit before it really sticks as my true weight. So, for example, I would hit that 198 and then go back to say 199.8 or even 200 point something the next day. Then, I might be at 199 for a few days before ever seeing that 198 on the scale again. Then, I would normally drop another pound or two to a new all time low and the process would start over again.

This time, for whatever reason, it stuck! The scale said 197.8 this morning! I guess I can "own" that 198 now, huh?? It feels pretty freaking fabulous!!

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