Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Danged Food Shows...Jonesing!

First, let me comment that preop I never (as in EVER) watched the Food Network or even the occasional food/cooking show. I'm a good cook and am pretty creative in the kitchen all on my own...no help necessary! Heck, I weighed 410 pounds. You can get that way from Little Debbie and such, but I preferred real food!

Now, like SO many WLS postops, I now tune in to the Food Network and such for my doses of FP (food porn). My preferred shows would be Rachel Ray (30 minute meals) and that Giada chick (Everyday Italian). I avoid Paula Deen and her fatty concoctions even with the malabsorption of RNY... I don't watch these shows often, but when there is nothing else on TV, I'll click over to the Food Network and see what's up. Over the weekend, I was laid up with some severe knee pain. And, as will usually happen when you can't get outside and DO something, there was nothing on TV. SO, I ended up doing the food shows... One I happened across was called Phantom Gourmet and it was all about bakeries! What former fat chick wouldn't get into a show about baked goodies??? Sugary concoctions that we no longer eat but can still fantasize about.... LOL At one point in the show, they highlighted a bakery that does only brownies... Simply Divine Brownies has a wide variety of brownies all made with love for the brownie efficianado... And one brownie he highlighted set me to Jonesing for brownies! Now normally I would not care for a brownie that combined so many different tastes/flavors as for me it would have been all about the gooey, fudgey chocolateness of the brownie itself. But, for whatever reason, I cannot get this danged brownie out of my head!
They call it "Love Affair..." It is a chocolate peanut butter brownie with pieces of peanut butter cups in and on top of it. It has peanut butter cream cheese frosting and it looks so danged yummy that you just want to lick the screen! As I said already, normally the combo of chocolate, peanut butter, cream cheese, etc would not do it for me, but for some reason now, I can not get it out of my head. I keep thinking about how I could make peanut butter cream cheese frosting into something healthy! LOL Look at that picture and tell me how it could be healthy! LOL Scrumptious, YES! Mouth-watering, YES! Healthy? Well, no, not really. Would I try it if I had one handy? You bet your butt! Would it make me sick? I pray yes! But who really knows...fudge didn't back at Christmas. Barbecue sauce does it to me every time though. Figure THAT one out! LOL If I figure out some way to conquer this peanut butter cream cheese thing, I'll let you all know! LOL Maybe a peanut butter cream cheese dip for fruit? Something tells me it just won't be the same! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lea ... beware the Love Affair brownie. I live in THE NEXT TOWN OVER from their STORE!!!!!! I have had EVERY variety they have. I kid you not. I'm not going to lie to you. They are hands down the most delicious thing that I've ever eaten in my life. I've met the daughter of the mother/daughter owners (she is SUCH a sweetheart!) and she frequently pops onto my husbands radio show. She always brings bunches and bunches of brownies too! The last time I had them was about a month before surgery and I'd been REALLY good about sugar for the 6 weeks previous. Those brownies made me SO ill. Vomiting ill! I SHUDDER to think what they'd do to me now as a post-op.

I won't lie to you though .... even with the puking .... they were worth every bite! LOL

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