Monday, March 17, 2008

Answers to the Sunday 7

In response to She's A Rebel, She's A Saint's Sunday 7 post...

1. Who was the first friend you can remember having that your parent(s) didn't like?
You know, I had so few friends when I was a kid that I can actually say that I didn't have any that my Mom or Dad didn't like... I had the kind of friends that fat kids have--the loyal kids who have issues of their own and appreciate your issues... I had the kind of friends that your parents will take along with them on family trips to Disney and such because they're "good kids and so quiet..." LOL We grew up together. We were band geeks together. We grew apart after graduation as we each went our own ways, but it was good as kids.

2. What song did you and your spouse dance to at your wedding reception (or what's "your" song)?
Well, hubby and I did the JP thing and didn't have a reception. And, I think we've danced twice in 20 years (how sad is that?). But, when I think of "our song," it is "Still the One." We're still havin fun and you're still the one.... Love that man!

3. What's the most fun you've ever had with your clothes on?
Wow. For someone who sat and watched others live life for about 20 years, this one is hard! I honestly think I had more fun at the marathon in Myrtle Beach (Feb 16 this year) than I have had ever, anywhere. I was with a group of folks from my WLS support group. There were about 14 of us. And, these were folks who have walked in the same shoes I wear. When we went to eat, no one was watching what we ate, whether we drank with our meal, whether we ordered something fried or dessert... You get the drift! And, we were at a FITNESS event! How odd is that for someone who weighed 410 pounds 18 months ago? To state that the most fun they've ever had with their clothes on was at a marathon where I walked 5 miles as one leg of a relay team! Ha! Who'd have thunk it??

4. What's the worst injury you've ever experienced?
The worst injury I've ever experienced was ugly and painful, but no broken bones. I fell (again) down the steps in front of my home. I weighed 410 pounds. The steps were not even wet, but my poor knee gave out on me and buckled which sent me to the ground. I sort of skidded and slid, but my left leg was bent back under me as I went the distance to the ground (4 steps from where I started to where I ended. I actually have pics of it! Such pretty colors....

5. Who wears the pants in your household?
Well, it depends on what day of the week it is and what is going on! In child rearing/discipline issues, I wear the pants for the most part. For money decisions and such, hubby and I try to work together and no one is in charge. And, we're both pretty good about discussing things we want to do and coming to decisions together. We get along better that way as no one (besides the kids) feels like they've been told what to do.

6. What did you want to be when you were little?
My Mom says that I have wanted to be a teacher since I could walk and talk. Guess I got my wish! Now, if I could just find a Jay O Bee! I'm doing the adult education thing right now (working with parents of kids with special needs), but it is not the classroom I want to be in...

7. If we go out to dinner together, what kind of restaurant do you want to go to?
If we go out to dinner together, we can go ANYwhere that serves a decent steak. If you want seafood, find a seafood joint with a nice cut of red meat on their menu and we're a go! That makes me pretty easy to please food-wise as most restaurants have a steak on the menu these days!

Feel free to comment to this post and respond with your own answers!

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