Saturday, March 1, 2008

Doing More, Expecting More

Now that I am over 200 pounds lighter, I am able to do sooooo much more. I mow my own yard with a push mower--around 3 acres. I walk more and can even jog a bit if I take a notion. I actually DO chores I used to depend on my daughters to do. I exercise and actually enjoy it and look forward to it. I am back to work part-time and have just completed the things necessary to renew my teaching certificate (paperwork already mailed off!) and pursue full-time work again as a teacher.

But, I am also noticing that I expect more--of myself AND those around me. Things I used to do before I lost the weight draw criticism from me when done by others. I'm talking about when my hubby will call someone to do something for him that is right within the same room where he is at and he just has to get up and do it for himself. When I was sick all the time and less able, I did the same thing. But, now I do it myself and I expect him (and our girls) to do the same. Why does it bother me now but didn't when it was me doing the asking? Why do I see it as just plain old lazy out of him when for me it was a real help? Is it just that old saying "What is good for the goose is good for the gander..."??????

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