Friday, March 14, 2008

198.0--onederland at last!

So, I have yo-yoed up and down since early December in the 201 to 205 weight bracket. Is there a fight class for that weight zone? LOL I guess it would be heavyweight, huh? I finally made it to onederland tonight! At my surgeon's office just prior to our support group meeting tonight, I got weighed and the scale read 198.0 which is the first time I've weighed less than 200 pounds since about 7th grade which would have been the 1978 to 1979 school year--just shy of 30 years ago!

I told many people going into this journey that I'd be happy with any weight and clothing size that started with a one. I've made the clothing size months ago and had on a pair of size 16 khaki slacks tonight that were baggy in the seat! But, that one at the beginning of my weight was starting to feel like an impossible dream. Alas, I have finally seen it happen. Now, to keep on track for my final goal weight of 185! Won't that be sweet!

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