Saturday, March 1, 2008

Do you measure? And, if so, how often?

My weight loss journey began on July 13th, 2006 with my initial consult with my bariatric surgeon. Between then and my surgery on August 29th, 2006, I lost 24 pounds. On September 13th, 2006, I measured my body for the first time. I wish now that I had done so way back in July before my weight loss journey began! I don't have a "true" beginning point for my measurements because I'd already lost about 40 pounds by the first time I measured myself.

BUT, as of today (March 1st, 2008), I have documented a loss of 170 inches from all over my body! WoooooHoooooo!!! LOL I swear that losing the first 100 inches feels even better than reaching that first 100 pounds lost and joining the century club! It is an awesome feeling! And, seeing that you've dropped several inches can go along way towards making up for even a 2 month long stall!

I cannot encourage you pre-ops enough to MEASURE yourself early! I wish someone at my surgeon's office had suggested it at that initial consult! Measure yourself so that even during weight loss stalls you can see that you are losing inches. And, take good FULL BODY before pics to compare to later when you just can't see your own weight loss that everyone is commenting on. I know that I had lost over 100 pounds before I could really SEE the loss that others were commenting on. I truly didn't see it until the first time I tried on clothing that fit me properly after losing over 100 pounds and dropping from a size 36 to a 26 or 28. I guess that as long as I was WEARING the 4X clothing, in my mind I still WAS a size 4X. But, when you stand in front of the mirror in clothing that fits properly, it is very hard to deny that you have lost the weight and your body is shrinking and reshaping! What a wonderful feeling!

I know that I will emphasize the importance of measuring to anyone I know who is planning surgery. It is great to be able to document not just pounds lost but also inches! Measure at the same time each month and write down your numbers so that you can tell month-to-month how many inches you've lost!

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