Saturday, March 1, 2008

Product Review: Kay's Naturals Golden Butter Pretzels

Darn you Melting Mama! LOL I clicked over to your You Tube video review of this product and left it to download after I went to bed last night. (dialup SUCKS!) This morning when I woke up, I clicked the replay button and watched it. You make good points about how pretzels can be the downfall of a WLS postop. You also make those pretzels sound darned good! Then, low and behold, my Kay's Naturals order is delivered today--SATURDAY! WTH! Saturday delivery by FedEx Ground out here in the boonies where they normally only deliver every OTHER day during the week! Is someone trying to tell me something??? LOL Oh, and did I mention that I just placed the Kay's Naturals order on Thursday, 2/28, and it is here on Saturday 3/1??? WOW, that was FAST!!

SO, after 3 days of working to get my eating back on track, I throw caution to the wind and crack open my case of butter pretzels.... Oh My Gosh! Those are delicious! As you said, they are not truly a "pretzel" sort of taste, but rather a combo between a pretzel and a cracker and yummy! And, every couple of bites, you get the most wonderful zest of yummy buttery deliciousness! Wow, those are good!

Kay's Naturals Golden Butter Pretzels
Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size: 1 oz
Servings per container: 1.5
Per serving:
calories from fat--30
total fat--5 grams (1.5 saturated fat, 0 trans fat)
sodium--220 mg
total carbs--12 grams (2 fiber, 1 sugar)
protein--10 grams

From the Bag:
Better Balance snacks help you maintain balance without giving up satisfying treats. Get energized with Better Balance Non-Gluten Pretzels.
* all natural ingredients
* balance of protein and carbs
* 10 g lean soy protein per 1 oz serving
* 2 g fiber per 1 oz serving
* no trans fats
* manage your weight without giving up taste

All in all, a wonderful snack choice and a super tasting, low-carb/high protein treat for a WLS postop or just anyone! And, they would be awesome dipped in some peanut butter!
And don't forget the 20% discount! Use the code "newsite" in the additional info box during checkout and they'll apply a 20% discount off your order (won't show in cart but will be applied before card is charged).

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