Monday, March 17, 2008

Recipe: Beef... It's What's For Dinner!

Having just commented how easy I was to please when it comes to restaurant selection (anywhere that serves a decent steak is okay by me!), I guess it makes sense that we're having beef for dinner tonight. More specifically, it is a very thinly sliced beef steak that Walmart (ah, glorious meat market that it is--NOT!) refers to as Milanesa.
When I hit Walmart, I usually throw a tray of these in the buggy. We love 'em! I slice up an onion and toss it and some fresh mushroom slices (grabbed while in Sam's Club) in the bottom of my pan with some water (yep, water--not oil) and turn the heat on about medium high under the pan.
Then, I stretch these steak slices out over top of the veggies and season them liberally with Everglades Seasoning, (Beth--it has MSG in it!) which is a spice/seasoning blend that was created in the teeny little town of LaBelle, FL (where I grew up).
I use this stuff quite liberally on all meats/fish/poultry, in veggies, on eggs, in soups/casseroles and more. I miss it when we eat at other people's homes--especially when grilling. I've actually been known to carry some along with me when attending an event of this nature. Offer to man the grill for a few minutes and you can sprinkle away! LOL BTW, if you live in the SouthEast, you can get this stuff at WinnDixie supermarkets.

After the meat gets about half way cooked through (turning more brown than red), I flip it over and continue to cook till done (still on top of the veggies which are simmering in the water and now meat juices below). When done, pull the meat out and place on plates and top with the veggies. You could also throw in some pepper slices for added color/flavor. And, you can spoon some salsa over top of it when done... Lots of things you can do to this meal--even a sprinkle of shredded cheese is good! High protein, low carbs and they are complex carbs to boot!

And, of course, enjoy! Now on nights when I'm not watching carbs, I might eat a nice green salad a half hour or so before dinner. This allows me to eat both! Tonight, I ate just the meat/veggies and Mandy made some canned peas/corn (her favorite veggie blend) to go with hers. If we'd had salads, she would have eaten just the salad and meat/onions/mushrooms.

A 5 oz serving of steak (many WLS postops can't eat quite that much) plus 1/4 cup mushrooms and about 1/2 a medium onion adds up to the following nutrition info:
fat--3.5 (2.5 sat fat, 0 trans)
cholesterol--65 mgs
sodium--95 mgs
total carbs--7.6 grams (1.8 fiber, 2.4 sugars)
protein--about 40 grams

Tasty, delicious, and sooooooo good for ya!

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Navigator of Life said...

I enjoyed reading some of your posts. My WLS is scheduled for April 15th and I can't wait to start losing.
Thanks for all the info!

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