Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 3 of back on track goes well...

Day 3 in my continuing saga of getting my eating back on track went well. I have been really carb-conscious and working the protein and liquids. I'm on a mission to make it to onederland!

breakfast--Atkins chocolate PB protein bar

lunch--butter beans and green beans and one slice cheddar cheese
snack--a few almonds and a string cheese
dinner--salad and steak!
bedtime snack--Atkins chocolate coconut protein bar

Totals for the day ended up being 128 ozs clear liquids, 1270 calories, 62 net carbs, and 114 grams of protein!

And, the scale that has said 205 to 207 since like EARLY December said 202.6 Thursday and 203.2 on Friday! Then, to make things even better, it was down to 201.8 today! So, while I am not at onderland (my goal weight for New Years, and Valentine's Day AND now Easter too), I am on the way again! LOL It would be so awesome to drop another 1.9 pounds and show up for my 18 mos postop visit on Monday afternoon at 199! That would be a total loss of 211 pounds!

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