Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A is for...

Stolen from Skinnier and Saner, Mostly
by way of Through Thick n Thin

Animals: Wow, we have lots! Chickens, parakeets, cockatiel, dogs, cats... WOW!

Best Friend: My husband, who works harder than most to keep us in house and home!

Cohabitants: Most of the time--just me and my daughter. Hubby is only home every other weekend and on those weekends, our oldest daughter and her hubby are here too.

Desires: I want to get back to full-time teaching this year.

Eye Color: I say green, others tell me hazel... Who really knows?

Favorite Foods: Steak... Steak is the food of the gods! And, just about anything with cheese in or on it!

Games: Most years we spend the months of April, May, and June (and sometimes into July) at the softball field. Not this year though as my daughter isn't playing.

Habits: My worst is spending toooooo much time on the 'puter!

Interests: reading, cooking, surfing the net

Job: I am a parent trainer for the parents of kids with special needs.

Kitchen: The kitchen is still somewhat my favorite room as I love to cook and bake. I hate, however, cleaning up!

Languages: Just English, though I did take two semesters of Spanish. I just never used it enough for it to really "stick" if you know what I mean!

Most Valued Possession: Wow, hard to say...

Named After: Both of my grandmothers--Ovie LEE and Martha ANN (hence me being Lea Ann)

Outfit You Love: I am loving being able to wear jeans after 20 years of not doing so. I'm also loving being able to go just about anywhere and find something that FITS me!

President: I'm thinking McCain as I'm not sure America is ready for Obama or Hillary.

Quote: 'If it makes you happy than it can't be that bad' - Sheryl Crowe.

Religion: Baptist

Shoes: anything with an open heel--just bought a pair of imitation Crocs at Walmart and have been wearing the heck out of them!

Television Shows: The Biggest Loser, House, ER, CSI (any of them), Law & Order (any of them) and can't wait for the new season of Army Wives and Burn Notice!

Unsavory characteristics: hmmmm, I'll let you know!

Video: as in what do I like? drama and comedy...

Webpage: well, there's THIS one! And, there's also THIS ONE...

Xbox or Playstation?: none of the above...

Year Born: 1967

Zodiac Sign: Leo - Roar!

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