Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Biggest Loser Season Finale and How It Affects ME

I will admit that I am a fan of the TV series The Biggest Loser. I watch it most weeks of the season and will catch reruns of previous season's shows on cable. I don't Tivo it 'cause I don't have one! If I did, I would as at least one week per month I'd miss the show completely. I LOVE that this year's winner is a woman... Only took FIVE seasons for a woman to win! Not only did she win, but Ali also lost more weight than ANY other woman on the show--EVER. She lost a whopping 112 pounds!

I know that many people won't watch it as they think it is demeaning to overweight folks, etc. Many think that the ONLY reason these folks are successful is their ability to use a dietician and having their wonderful trainers to kick their asses. And, many feel that it is just a matter of time before they regain it all when they no longer have that same level of support. I did, however, see a note on the Biggest Loser website that stated that all 14 of the season four participants have supposedly maintained their weight loss to date.

I enjoy watching these folks work towards this common goal of weight loss just as we WLS postops are doing. I like seeing the things that the trainers have them do. I enjoy watching them compete in challenges each week. I especially enjoyed the triathalon they did a couple of weeks ago. I find it empowering to see these folks who are making a comeback from morbid or super-morbid obesity do things that they'd only dreamed of doing before.

And, who wouldn't LOVE to have the muscles they build during their loss! Some of those bodies at the finale were freaking AWESOME for someone who'd just 20 weeks prior been obese at any level. Like Melting Mama, I'd SO like to have Bob or Jillian come live with me! I have lost 212 pounds now (down to 198 from 410). That is more than ANY of them lost! Heck, it is more than some of the teams lost including both partners' weight loss amounts! But, I don't have muscles! I want muscles! But, alas, it hasn't worked that way for me. Now I'd like to say YET, but who knows! I have been seriously lacking in a weight training program. I live too far from a gym to use one regularly (25 miles each way to a small town "fitness center" that is in NO way a true "gym" for someone seriously intent on bodybuilding), so I can't get my money's worth out of a gym's monthly membership. I have a few exercise tools/items here at home that I could make use of, but I lack the true motivation to do so. Perhaps this "muscle envy" that I am currently suffering will do it for me? Hey, it could happen! What I really need is a PLAN. I need someone to take a look at my list of available workout tools and help me come up with a plan that will work... Volunteers are welcome!!

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