Friday, April 4, 2008

How DID We Ever Do It?

As I scanned OH today, I see a post from Kelly who asks if anyone ever wondered how they ever carried all the weight that they've lost... Well, YES, I have! How in the h&ll did I do it? I mean I have lost 212 pounds (to 198 from 410). That is FOUR fifty pound sacks of dog food and then some. How did I carry 212 pounds around day in and day out--up steps, over long distances, etc. That is like putting another ME on my back and going about your daily business... LOL

We have animals at our farm. I purchase and move about 400 pounds of feed a week for said animals. That is 8 or so fifty pound sacks of feed. Yeah, they load it in the pickup where I buy it. BUT, once I get it home to the farm, it has to be unloaded and carried up 5 steps to the storage area. UP five steps, not down! So, you grab a sack of feed, toss it up over your shoulder and head towards the feed storage area. It is about 30 feet from the tailgate of the pickup to the steps. You brace yourself and start up the steps. There's only FIVE steps for goodness sake! But, about the 4th or 5th time you make this trek carrying yet another bag of feed, you start to think about that 200+ pound weight that has been removed from your daily treks! I should be able to toss 4 bags of feed over my shoulder and go! Heck, that is a 100 pound sack over each shoulder or across each hip... How in the h&ll did I do that!?!!!? It just doesn't seem physically possible anymore. Yeah, I can manage it with ONE bag--50 pounds, but if I try it with two bags (100 pounds total), it is like I'm trying to move a ton! My poor bone-on-bone knees know it is SO not going to happen!

My surgeon says that this is why I will never see a "normal" BMI. Those BMI tables are very antiquated. And, I have a much more dense/heavy muscle core due to carrying around 200 extra pounds every day for about 20 years. SO, while I'm not quite down to what the BMI tables cal "overweight" yet, that is probably where I'll end up. It will be much better than the super morbidly obese body I used to live in though! Heck, the "obese" body I live in these days is a heck of a lot nicer than that was! I can do so much more and am willing to try so many more things than I ever would have considered at 410 pounds...

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sindarin said...


Great minds think alike. I was thinking just yesterday how did I ever carry around an extra 260 pounds? No wonder I hated to walk at any store, activity, or even from my classroom to the office.


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