Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do we get too comfy?

I was SO persistent... I tried SO hard... Till I got my weight below 200 pounds, I was SO determined to get there. My goal weight is actually 185 pounds (I have a good amount of excess skin and I'm just a hair or two shy of 5'8" tall with a medium to large frame). Why, with a goal of 185, am I suddenly so complacent at 198? I told people for months that I'd be happy at "anything that started with a ONE." By that, I meant a clothing size and a weight. I got into size 18s way back last fall. That wasn't good enough then... But, I got to 198 back on March 14th, 2008 and suddenly don't seem to care if I never lose another pound. Why? Am I truly that happy at anything starting with a one? Is it really that great after getting as high as 410 pounds (my starting weight July 2006)? I literally have been very complacent and could care less about further loss as long as the scale doesn't go the OTHER way! I can honestly say that each morning when I get on the scale, as long as it says 198 or less, all is right in the world. Whereas, prior to seeing that 198, each day it needed to say something less--even just a tenth of a pound less!


Deluzy said...

You know what? If you're comfortable where you're at and your health is good -- then why is that bad? Maybe *this* is your goal.

Technically, according to medical charts, I should be 154, max. Once I'd gotten to 159 and lived there for a while, I thought, "You know what? I'm already *at* goal -- this is it."

I'm healthy, I have a comfortable eating range, I'm in the "right" decade of pounds, and this is what goal turned out to be for me.

Good luck!

Lea in WV said...

Thanks! That is a great way of looking at it! And I love your "decade" of pounds!

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