Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TOO many cinnamon rolls...

So, lately I have had the most powerful craving for cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing... The other night (Friday), while in Krogers, I found some at the bakery. Well, not really AT the bakery, but rather on a table in a main aisle. I'd been avoiding the BAKERY! LOL SO, as I'm big on caving in to cravings and getting past them, I bought the danged things. BAD move! So, I had one Friday night. Then, another Saturday morning. And one on Sunday... Monday... Well, yesterday the scale caught up to it all! 201! While part of it is that Aunt Flow is due early next week, it is only PART of it! Another element in this gain is that I've been eating too many of those sugar free bread & butter pickles and the sodium has me retaining water again.

Now, I am back to focusing on protein and getting away from carbs again. I'm on day two of it and I can already feel the carb cravings backing down. But, the scale better start backing down again as well! Momma is NOT happy! LOL


SummerTulip said...

Yup. The same thing happened to me the other day - with a whole package of SF brownies that mysteriously vanished into my stomach! It's ok, it'll come off again! (I hope!)

Lea in WV said...

Yep, they will come off again. It is just a good lesson for on down the road! I kept telling myself that as long as I didn't go over my calorie budget for the day, all was fine... NOT!!

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