Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finally bought a new sewing machine...

I used to do some sewing for my business. I made little 4 x 6 drawstring sachet bags with ribbon drawstrings. They sold pretty well for me, but they were hard on sewing machines. So, when I started losing weight, I was without a machine as the one I'd been using was worn out. I've wanted to replace it for like 2 years now but just have not had the money. Today, I stumbled on a cheap, Brother machine at Walmart for $69, so I picked one up. It is basically the same machine that used to sell for like $87, but it has had a couple of price "rollbacks" and is now $69. I will be making some maternity clothes for my daughter and will make myself some shorts. I need shorts badly for this summer!

I also did a lot of shopping for patterns for baby stuff. When my youngest was born, I made her crib set--quilt, pillow, bumper pads and such. I picked up a pattern today to make a set for the baby. I've got plenty of time since he's not due till late July! I'll be sure to share pics as I finish items!

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