Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stalling away....

Sing it with me... "Come stall away, come stall away, come stall away with meeeeeeeee..." (sung to the tune of the Styx hit Come Sail Away) I guess I really should be used to it by now... I stall for LONG cycles of time! My last stall was about 15 weeks. No weight loss at all from about Dec 1 till mid March. Then, suddenly, I dropped a few pounds. Now, I'm stalled again. Since 3/14/08, I have been drifting around between 197 and 200 pounds. I must say that while I am totally okay with this even as a final resting point and a maintenance area, I wonder at times whether I will lose any more. I see parts of my body that look as if perhaps I've lost fat or replaced it with more muscular tissue. I don't have a muscular appearance, but I certainly look better (baggy skin and all) than I did at 410 pounds! How could you NOT? LOL And, I feel sooooo much better too!

I rode a bike for the first time in 20 years yesterday... I'm talking about a real BIKE, not an exercise bike or stationery bike... If I had understood how the gears worked on the danged thing so that I didn't feel like I was crawling along on the hill, I might have rode it further than I did. But, I RODE A BIKE! 1987 or 1988 was, quite literally, the last time my butt rode a bike. And, even then at about 275 pounds, I did it in the evenings after dark. I was lucky to live in a neighborhood where this was safe to do and I was so much less self-conscious about my appearance in the dark! I've got to figure out the levers for the gear system on this danged bike (it is my hubby's and he doesn't have a clue either!) so that I can make a habit of this. I absolutely HATE riding an exercise bike.

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