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Great Sweet Tooth Solutions from Biggest Loser Participants

While surfing the Biggest Loser website today, I stumbled across a page from the season 4 shows that lists 20 Low-Cal Desserts to Die For, also known as Tips for Tricking Your Sweet Tooth... These sound GREAT! Many of them are very WLS friendly and would work well for us postops. Heck, a few of them are good enough that you'd think you were reading EggFace's blog! The article is available for viewing at
and the full text is below! They must have gotten good feedback on these ideas as they turned several of them into a list for the season 5 website with no credit given to the past participants who suggested them here... For example, number one below is now known as a "ricotta fruit cup."

Top 20 Low-Cal Desserts to Die For
Biggest Losers Give Tips for Tricking Your Sweet Tooth

You don’t have to give up treats in order to lose weight. Just make some adjustments. These Biggest Losers tell you how.

1. Steve Tofanelli — I fill a wine glass with mostly berries, a little fat-free ricotta cheese, and a crumbled amaretto cookie on top.

2. Ryan Benson — Skinny Cow brand ice-cream sandwiches are delicious and only 130 calories.

3. Mark Yesitis — Sugar-free pudding snack cups are only 60 calories. Mmm!

4. Lisa Andreone — A really great dessert is sugar-free hot chocolate (the 25-calorie kind) with a dollop of fat-free whipped topping (the 5-calorie kind).

5. Ryan Kelly — I love a sandwich of fat-free chocolate graham crackers with sugar-free whipped topping in the middle. Put your sandwich in the freezer for about 1 hour, and it will taste just like an ice-cream sandwich with hardly any calories!

6. Heather Hansen — I call it my apple treat: I core half of an unpeeled apple and put it into a small microwaveable bowl. I cover it with plastic wrap and microwave it for a couple minutes and then drizzle it with sugar-free maple syrup and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Sometimes I also add a dollop of fat-free vanilla yogurt.

7. Kathyrn Murphy — I like to stir a teaspoon or two of peanut butter into a sugar-free, fat-free chocolate pudding cup. It tastes just like a peanut butter cup!

8. Kai Hibbard Martin — I love a bowl of sliced fresh strawberries with vanilla soymilk. Sometimes I add a little Splenda for extra sweetness.

9. Susan Tofanelli — When I have extra ripe bananas on hand, I peel them, cut them into 1-inch pieces, and freeze them. I blend the frozen chunks in a food processor or blender, sometimes adding a little water and maybe a drop of vanilla extract. It’s really creamy and tastes rich like ice cream. I figure 1/2 cup probably has about 50 calories and no fat.

10. Tina Meyers — I like having melon because I can have a bigger serving size than some other fruits. Frozen yogurt goes well with it, but sometimes I just have plain melon with a little fresh mint and a few sliced almonds sprinkled on top.

11. Suzanne Mendonca — I like to spread a graham cracker square with fat-free cream cheese. I usually put fruit spread or fresh berries on top of it.

12. Tammy Senti — If there’s extra coffee in the kitchen, I’ll ice a glass of decaf with a little scoop of fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt, with nutmeg or cocoa powder on top. It’s more like a dessert than a drink.

13. Edwin Chapman — I like to make homemade rocky road by topping sugar-free chocolate ice cream with a couple of miniature marshmallows and a few chopped pecans.

14. Gary Deckman — I make “croutons” of toasted angel food cake. I put a few in a glass with diced fruit and a spoonful of fat-free frozen yogurt or sugar-free ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

15. Nick Keeler — My weakness is sugar-free raspberry sorbet. I like it with tangerine or orange slices and top it with a few almonds.

16. Lael Dandan — I like fat-free vanilla or strawberry frozen yogurt with fresh blueberries.

17. Toniann “Toni” Sapienza — I buy the super jumbo fresh strawberries and dip them into a few tablespoons of fat-free chocolate sauce.

18. Steve Rothermel — I like to grill fruit on kebabs; sometimes cantaloupe, honeydew, or a little pineapple in chunks on skewers. If it’s a special occasion, I have a little sugar-free ice cream with it.

19. Ruben Hernandez — A pudding parfait is one of my favorite dessert recipes. I layer sugar-free, fat-free chocolate pudding with fresh blueberries, raspberries, unsalted pistachios, and fat-free whipped cream . . . yum!

20. Kelly Minner — I like poached pears with a little honey and chopped pecans.

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