Friday, April 18, 2008

Product Review Followup: Detour Lower Sugar Caramel Peanut Protein Bars

Well, well, well..... Back a couple weeks or so ago, I reviewed this protein bar...

Product Review: Detour Caramel Peanut Protein Bar (both the regular and lower sugar versions)

They say it takes a big person to admit when they are wrong. Well, I WAS WRONG!! Melting Mama reviewed this same protein bar and said it tasted like licking the bottom of a 1973 bathroom floor tile--mildew was what she AND Mr. MM said it tasted like. Though tempted to pass it on to my kiddo after that review, I tried it anyway as I'd already bought the durned thing and was curious to see for myself. I must say that with THAT bar, I didn't have the experience that she did and I wrote the review linked above.

Then, as they were okay and pretty cheap AND I had a couple of buy one, get one free coupons from their website, I bought SIX more of them while in Walmart the other night... Six bars for about $4...not a bad deal, right? A few days go by and I need a bar for lunch and I grab one of those. O M G!! NASTY!! I so very truly know now what Beth experienced as I got it too! And, crazy me thought that it had to just be a fluke since I'd had that one before that was okay, so I tried ANOTHER today and, yep--you guessed it--MILDEW again!

SO, being the corporate complainer that I used to be many years ago, I called their 800 number to complain. Guess what I was told.... "I'm sorry, but we no longer make the Detour bars. I can give you the company info for who DOES make/market them now though..." So, she did and I called THEM only to get a danged voicemail system because all lines were busy. Hmmm, maybe busy taking complaints from folks who got these mildew tasting protein bars??? Ya think??? I left them a message and told them just what I thought of the bar and my name and phone number. The system promised a call back within 48 hours. I'm guessing that is business days though, so may not hear from them before Monday or Tuesday since this was Friday afternoon... I'll edit this if/when I get a response. I imagine that the only thing they'll have to offer to make up for this "inconvenience" (ugh, my poor abused tastebuds!) will be a coupon for a free bar. If they DO offer this, it certainly won't be THIS bar I buy with that coupon! Maybe I can use it towards one of the coconut almond Detour/Joyride bars... Otherwise, I'm not interested! Never again will one of these Caramel Peanut Lower Sugar Detour bars see the inside of MY shopping cart!

For anyone interested in the info, the company now making/marketing Detour bars was Forward Foods and the number is 800-203-3877. Maybe you'll get a real, live person to take your complaint. If you don't get a real, live person, be sure to leave them a message! LOL

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I warned you. :P~~~~~~~~

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