Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garden Progress 4?

I wish I had more to report... We've had SO much rain this last couple weeks! Rain is good, but it has come with chilly temps as well. And, with all the rain, I've not been able to get anything planted yet. I lost my little Roma tomato seedlings. Everything else is hanging in there... I have about 40 Mortgage Lifter tomato plants that are already about a foot tall and starting to get very root-bound in those little plastic trays. My pepper plants are about 6 inches tall and so far are okay in the trays. My cabbage and broccoli plants were too root-bound and I had to put them into single cups to carry them through till I can get them in the ground. My lettuce plants are starting to look a bit sorry... I've GOT to get those things in the ground this weekend or I'll lose more of them. SO, that is the plan--rain or shine... We're supposed to have some sun early on Saturday and then rain in the evening and again on Sunday morning. Then, it is supposed to clear up Sunday afternoon and be nice on Monday and Tuesday with sunny, clear skies and temps in the 70s. Hopefully by Tuesday, I'll be able to report that all plants are planted and I've gotten seeds in the ground too! Wish me luck!

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