Friday, May 16, 2008

Knowing VS Doing...

So many of us postops have this problem... We KNOW what we should do/be doing. But, we are not usually doing everything we should.

We know that exercise is a must in order to maintain the weight loss and not lose muscle mass. Does that mean we actually exercise on a somewhat regular basis? No, not always. Not at all these days in my own case...

We know that a successful and healthy postop life requires a LIFESTYLE change, not just a change till we reach our goal weight. The pounds will not just magically stay away... We must continue to eat healthfully for the REST of our LIVES. Too many people achieve their goal weights and then get lazy and allow themselves to revert back to old, poor eating habits. Again, we know this, but do we follow this rule well? No, many don't!

We know that carbs can put the pounds right back on these hips and thighs. Does that mean we are 100% low carb?? Hell no! WHY did I buy those Cheese-Its anyway??? They are not the #1 bedtime snack these days!

We know that we must take our vitamins religiously--every day! Yet, I read daily on OH about folks who are slack in taking their vitamins, folks who don't have a clue what vitamins to take (their docs/nuts should be shot!), and folks who are taking vitamins that we can't properly absorb after WLS. We need dry vitamin A and vitamin D. We need calcium CITRATE and not calcium carbonate. We must get enough vitamin B-12 and that needs to be via sublinguals or shots, not pills that we don't have the gut enzymes to absorb anymore... We should be taking some omega 3s (I take 4000 to 6000 mgs of fish oil a day.) Vitamins is one thing I am pretty good with, but they are boxed up for the week so that all I have to do is open today's box slot (am and pm) and dump them into my hand and swallow... How much easier could it be??

We know that we must have regular labs done in order to monitor for vitamin and nutrient deficiencies... At least every 6 months or so, we need a long list of labs run in order to see where we are at so that our vitamin/supplement regimen can be tweaked. But, again, I read on OH about postops who go for 2 or 3 years before they have complete labs done. The results are usually NOT pretty and many folks end up with irreversible damage to their bodies...

We know that we should stay off the scales as the frequent weighing can drive you NUTS!! But, we are compulsive when it comes to scales. I've talked to WLS postops who can't walk past the scale (any scale!) without stopping to weigh their self! PUT that puppy in the closet! Weigh once a week while you are losing so rapidly... It will be so much nicer to see only the end of the week result than to obsess over the ups and down that can occur during the week!

We know that we should measure our bodies and take pics at least once a month to chart our progress--especially in those times when we are not losing pounds (oh, the dreaded stall!). But, some of us are so danged camera-phobic (from our preop lives) that we just can't get in the hang of actually WANTING to take pics of yourself! Anytime I mention my weight loss to one girlfriend, she says, "so, we'll be getting a new pic of you soon?" And I think to my self that perhaps I should take a pic, but what REALLY is there to see? I'm still the same ole me! I still need to lose weight. I still have a big butt and mega thighs (at least in my own mind even if not in real life). And, in my mind again, who would ever want to document THAT with yet another pic? I should know how much weight I've lost and want to see those pics, but I still stress over them! For SO many years, I was the one holding the camera and taking the pics just so that I never had to see my fat self IN the pics... When group shots were taken where it was insisted I be IN the picture, I made darned good and sure to be in the back behind others to hide my fat. Thankfully I am a bit tall and could get away with that. If I were shorter and had to be in front to be seen, I would have seriously freaked out many, many times over the past several years!

This one is a bone of contention for me... We should learn and know what styles of clothing look better on our new bodies. Not everyone takes time to think about this one! Case in point--muffin tops! Muffin tops are NOT attractive folks! It is not because of the CUT of the jeans either! It is because you are trying to put your ass into jeans that are either not large enough, or not a style that YOU can wear well! Low rise jeans and excess belly skin and/or love handles are NOT a good combo ladies and gents! Think about it!

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