Thursday, February 28, 2008

What do YOU count?

Someone asked today about what liquids/fluids you count in your daily intake. I count only clear liquids and don't worry about whether they are caffeinated or not. I get in well over 100 ozs EVERY day of the clear liquids. Yesterday, I had 2 bottles of Propel (20 ozs each), 2 bottles of water (24 and 16.9 ozs), and a 32 oz cup of iced tea for a total of 112 ozs. That was a LOW intake day as normally I'd have 2 or 3 cups of tea (32 ozs each) minimum and still have at least a bottle of water and/or Propel. I am trying to drink more actual WATER right now as I think that it makes a difference in my weight loss lately. When I have a day like yesterday with less tea intake, I have a drop on the scale AND see a difference in my BMs (sorry if that is TMI).

Now I will add that the decision to only count clear liquids is MINE and not my surgeon's or nutritionist's as they allow folks to count milk, popsicles, soups, protein drinks, etc. I just CHOOSE not to count those. Truthfully though, I don't drink milk (just use a bit once in a while for cereal or pudding), I don't usually do protein shakes, and I rarely eat soup (though there is a bowl warming in the microwave AS I type this!). You can't count what you're not eating/drinking, right?? LOL

IMHO, if you have to count things like soup, protein drinks, milk and such, you PROBABLY are not getting in enough fluids! And, you should be careful that you are not getting dehydrated...

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