Saturday, February 23, 2008

Recipe: Ricotta Fluff

This is another one of those dessert type recipes, but you could eat it as a snack or just any time you liked. It is a good protein source due to the ricotta cheese.

What you need:
1 tub ricotta cheese (original recipe I read called for a large, 32 oz tub)
1 tub sugar free Cool Whip
1 box cheesecake flavor sugar free pudding mix

How you make it:
Get out the mixer. Put all 3 ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix till well blended.

That is it! Just mix it up and eat it. I added some strawberries (frozen, thawed) to mine and it was yummy. I do think that, though it would lower the protein content, the ricotta flavor was a bit much for me and I think I may make it with either less ricotta cheese (like using the smaller, 15 oz tub) OR with more Cool Whip and/or a second box of pudding mix. The second box of pudding mix may be just the trick to give it more cheesecake flavor without cutting back on the protein per serving.

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