Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Maybe this is contributing to my not losing...

We hear folks who reach goal and enter the maintenance phase say it can not be done. They simply can NOT eat 2000 calories per day without feeling stuffed all day. Well, I am here to tell you that they are full of it! I did it yesterday. I ate 2000 calories. I am not proud of it. It did not feel like an unhealthy eating day. I did not make poor food choices. I just ate like every 2 hours all freaking day! And, until the end of the day when I sat down to chart it all out, it sure didn't feel like 2000 calories! In fact, it was 2000 calories, 140 NET carbs, and a whopping 140 grams of protein. The only (and I mean ONLY) simple carbs the whole day was some bites of potato with the beef roast for supper. ALL the rest of the carbs were from nuts, beans, veggies or milk (and only 8 ozs of milk). SO, I guess I need to start really seriously tracking my daily food intake. Maybe I'm eating more than I realize MOST days. I try to track each day in my head as I go along. After all, after 18 mos of doing this, you have most of those food nutrition facts memorized! LOL But, when a day adds up like yesterday, it is time to do SOMETHING! SO, today so far has been good. I had an Egg Beaters and cheese omlet for breakfast. I had NO snack this morning. I have to get out of here and go do some errands in town, so I'm taking an Atkins Advantage Chocolate PB protein bar with me for lunch. I'll stop somewhere and get an iced tea or another bottle of water. I am pretty good when I'm away from home. I'm too cheap to buy much that won't do me any good! LOL SO, we'll see how today goes!

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