Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kay's Naturals--great protein products and a DISCOUNT too!

Kay's Naturals offered a 20% discount off of all orders (phone OR internet) for anyone who uses the discount code "mini-challenge." To get this discount, go to their website ( and shop for the items you'd like to purchase. Place them in your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout and while checking out, place the discount code mini-challenge in the box for additional information. Your order will not reflect the discount during checkout. However, their shopping cart does not automatically process the credit/debit card that you use for payment. When they receive your order with the discount code included, they will apply the discount and change your order total before your credit/debit card is processed for payment. You will see the reduced total on your card charges!

If you are unfamiliar with their products, they make a line of awesome protein snacks and protein cereals. They also offer a mixed assortment box of goodies for $12.50 INCLUDING shipping! It is a great way to taste several of their product so that you can order things you really like!

At this time, there is no "end date" for this discount. I was told that the more people who USE it, the longer they can offer it to us! I might add that I am NOT a paid representative of Kay's Naturals! I asked for a discount for our mini-challenge participants as a "prize" of sorts and they graciously allowed us to include everyone (OH member or not) in the discount. Great products at a super discount from great people!
PS--If you have a favorite Kay's Naturals product, please take a minute to comment on this post and share it with us!!

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