Tuesday, February 26, 2008

stressing over not losing...

I am still stressing over my weight not dropping for what seems like forever. I have been around 205 since early December! Will I EVER see onederland?? I have said, since the very beginning, that a final/ending weight that was ANYthing that started with a one (including 199.5!) would be cool with me. I just wanted a clothing size that started with a one and a weight that started with a one. As I will probably never be able to get plastics without it being insurance paid (yeah right!), I know that 185 (my goal weight) is the most realistic final weight I can have as I have a good bit of excess skin between tummy, thighs, arms and butt area. But, I am really starting to doubt that I'll even see that 199... I have tried SO many things. I've upped my calories on the chance that I was eating too little. I've cut back on calories thinking that perhaps even 1200 was too much. I've cut carbs back. I've upped carbs a bit thinking that when I was exercising a bit that perhaps I needed more. Recently, I've tried to drink actual water at least once per day a 24 oz bottle instead of just my iced tea. I bought myself a Bean for Christmas. I have yet to use it the first time! UGH! Guess I can give that a try next, huh?

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