Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A better day today....

After a horrendous day yesterday of eating every two hours and it adding up to TWO thousand calories (UGH!), I did MUCH better today!

breakfast--1/2 cup egg beaters, 1 oz shredded cheese
no snack
lunch--Atkins protein bar
snack--2 slices cheddar cheese and a couple of shoplifted grapes (would have bought the bag, but they were squishy...yuck! glad I tried a couple!)
dinner--beef stir fry made with soy sauce, not a heavy terryaki or stir fry sauce
snack--not sure yet... I will need something but haven't decided what. It needs to have some protein as I'm a bit on the low side for the day.

I drank 2 bottles of Propel, 1 bottle of water and (so far) 32 ozs iced tea. I will either have another bottle of water at bedtime with vitamins OR I'll have more tea. I've been trying to get away from the tea at bed... I also had two of those Citrical calcium chews. I was out and found them at my Rite aid and bought both boxes of the chocolate ones they had. I'm not really sure why everyone is so crazy about them as I think they are sort of nasty! LOL And, they are 35 calories each! So that is 70 extra calories a day. Now I will admit that my fish oil pills are 10 cals each (I take 4 to 6 per day) and my calcium supp is 10 cals per dose (2 to 3 doses per day) and I never EVER count or even consider those. Should I ignore the ones in the chews too? As long as you're not eating them like Hershey kisses that is??

With just this intake so far (including the Propels but not the Citrical chews and no evening snack), I'm at 884 calories, 59 carbs minus 12 fiber for 47 net carbs and 75 protein. If I don't get "hungry," I may skip the snack just to have one REALLY low day and see how the scale looks tomorrow! I think if I do a snack, I'll have part of a protein bar or some nuts/raisins... I spent 6 hours mostly on my feet either pacing at the auto mechanic or shopping several different places... That is the extent of my "exercise" for today.

Here's to a lower number on the scale in the morning!! LOL

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