Friday, February 22, 2008

The Ever Elusive Onederland...

I try and I try, wait and wait.... It seems as if I'll never get there. Where, you ask? ONEderland! That ever elusive spot of weights that start with a ONE instead of a two. I've been between 205 and 202 pounds since early December and it just doesn't seem to be going to happen for me! I've been as low as 202.0, but no further. I've also been back up as high as 209 on a normal day and 217 when I started retaining fluid again and had to go back on the diuretic. I'm back off the diuretic and not really having much fluid retention, but still stuck in twoterville for now... I've tried cutting carbs. I've tried upping fluids and protein. I've tried more/different exercise. Nothing seems to work. I did lose more inches though! Just got to give it time I suppose and it will happen when my body is good and ready!

1 comment:

Scale Junkie said...

You've come so far, your body just wants more time to adjust I suppose, that onederland will be yours soon!

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