Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another decent day...thankfully!

Day two of getting my butt back on track!

wakeup--water and vitamins
late breakfast/brunch--chicken noodle soup with 1 1/2 scoops Unjury chicken soup flavor
no snack!
lunch--Atkins Advantage chocolate coconut protein bar
no snack!!
dinner--taco salad with meat sauce and refried beans and veggies and cheese YUMMO!!
evening snack (I will have this one due to low BS at night while sleeping)---either protein bar or nuts and raisins

I have had 3 cups of tea (32 ozs each) plus a 24 oz bottle of water. I'll have another bottle or part of one at bedtime when I take my evening vitamins... With figuring in a protein bar as the evening snack, that brings me to 1300 calories and 112 grams of protein. Carbs are a bit higher than I'd like at 80, but it was complex carbs and only 11 grams of sugar for the WHOLE day total!

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