Sunday, November 2, 2008

Starting to catch up...

With going back to working away from home most days, I didn't think it would ever happen, but I am finally starting to get back on track... I'm getting somewhat of a routine worked out as far as cooking meals, buying groceries, washing dishes, washing clothes, etc is concerned so that all of these chores are not building up in wait for a day off...

My dishes may only get washed every other day, but there is just me and Mandy eating here most of the time and we're only eating dinner and warming up something for breakfast, so there are not a lot of dishes to wash.

Laundry--well, that is a different story! It took some doing to keep up with the laundry! What with clothes, towels, bedding and all, it piles up when you are not looking! LOL

Buying groceries is probably the easiest. When I wasn't working, I had to plan a couple of trips to town each week just to pick up necessary stuff both from the grocery and the feed store (livestock feed for our animals). Now that I am in town most days from Monday to Friday, it is easy to just run by the grocery store and grab whatever we need without the worry about getting every single thing we need in order to avoid needing an extra trip to town... I still have to plan my trips to Walmart and Sam's Club as those are both about an hour from home and are harder to just "get by..."

And, now that I've been having to get up and get out to work so many days, my body's internal clock is finally starting to come around to this new schedule and I'm staying up less at night and getting up easier in the morning. Now, don't let that fool you! I am still NOT a morning person! I never said I was liking it more...just that it was easier to get up and get going now that my inner clock is shifting gears a bit. I also didn't sleep away the day on Saturday this weekend and didn't even take a nap today (Sunday)! That alone is progress... Last weekend, I swear I could have slept soundly all day on Saturday!

Now, I need to start putting some creative thinking into planning lunch box lunches and packable snacks. I welcome comments about how or what you guys do in that sense. In many classroom situations, there is a fridge and a microwave available nearby, so that helps. But, I generally pack a lunch that would be okay if not able to warm something up. And, as I am finding that I really do need to be eating more calories per day (I lose a bit when I do eat more lately), I am really thinking hard on snack items. I've got a bag of nuts and a couple of protein bars in my bag at all times. I even have a spare bottle of water in my tote in addition to whatever I have packed in my cooler bag and the big cup I tote with me. I need to generate a list of healthy snacks and focus some on those that would be higher protein sources as I've noticed a bit more hair loss again lately and am not sure whether it is my thyroid or just me not getting enough protein...

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