Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recipe: Protein Hot Cocoa

It is that time of year again... Time to have a nice hot beverage handy to warm you up, especially after going out for a walk on these nippy days! I am NOT a coffee drinker, so I concocted this protein cocoa to serve my warm beverage needs!

1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 packet no-sugar-added hot cocoa mix

Mix scoop of protein powder into about 2 ozs of water that is straight from the tap or at room temperature. Mix it well so there are no clumps.
Add the packet of cocoa mix and again mix well.
Add another 8 to 10 ozs of very hot water. I usually have a pan of water warming on the stove before I start mixing the other stuff together.
Once the hot water is added to the cup/mug, stir it till it is smooth and well mixed.
Last step?? ENJOY!!

Notes about this process/recipe:
1) Do NOT mix hot water into protein powder. It will clump and be plain ole' nasty! You MUST mix the protein powder with the cooler water and get it mixed well first!
2) You can use ANY chocolate protein powder. I prefer the IDS Belgian Chocolate and it has 26 grams of protein per scoop!
3) You can also use two packets of cocoa mix and a scoop of unflavored protein powder.
4) I use a store brand (Krogers) no-sugar-added cocoa mix. Many companies have a no-sugar-added version or a "diet" version. Swiss Miss makes a good one. Check the labels and look for the sugar grams! Sometimes the no-sugar-added is not the one you want. Sometimes the better choice is actually labeled diet. Just be a good label reader! I like the Krogers mix and it goes on sale frequently for anywhere from a buck to $1.50 per box!


MizFit said...


Im making tomorrow morning :)

Lea in WV said...

Just finished a big mug this morning! It is a yummy way to get started on a cold fall (or winter!) morning!

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