Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WLS Cookbook

I'm in the process of compiling a cookbook for my county's 4-H
program... It got me to thinking that I'd like to do a WLS cookbook.
But, I need recipes!! I've been saving recipes for over 2 years now,
but it is just the tip of the iceberg! I need more! This cookbook
would be made available to anyone who'd like to purchase it--locally or
otherwise. And, I'd LOVE to include lots of recipes from our local and not-so-local
postops! Each recipe can list the contributor, so you'd get credit for
submitting it too!

I need ALL SORTS of recipes!
protein rich stuff
side dishes


Simple or not so simple...suitable for early postops OR those farther
out--any and all recipes are welcome! Low carb...high protein...good
source of fiber...if you eat it, we want that recipe!!

Please consider sending them in! Send them to me at (created specifically for this project!) and I'll
put your name in the drawing I have going on right now for a box of
protein and snack goodies! (view info on current giveaway) I'm also going to put
together a basket full of other goodies--handcrafted soaps, body
products, and more. This basket will not be drawn for till the project
is complete, so ANYONE who sends a recipe will get an entry in that
drawing. One drawing entry per recipe--however many you'd like to
send! Then, when the cookbook is ready, we'll draw a few names to win a
free copy!!

What to send:
Recipe Name
Nutrition Facts (if you have them!)
Any notes about things you change or alternate, etc...

I will be working on this for a while yet. Send something now and then,
as you come across others, pass them on too!!
Thanks for your help and participation!!

Click to submit your recipe!

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