Monday, November 17, 2008

What's for supper?? Crockpot is ready!

I was up at 5:15 this morning to shower and get ready for my day. The phone starts ringing normally by 5:45 if there are substitute positions for the day, so I wanted to be out of the shower by then since I didn't shower last night. I hate trying to listen for a phone while IN the shower and then potentially having to get out dripping and soapy to answer it! I am NOT normally a morning person, but I am gradually adjusting to getting up and staying up and this morning I just could not go back to sleep! After my shower and as I got dressed for the day (I have to get dressed to take Mandy to the bus, so I might as well be dressed and ready to work, right?), I made a big mug of my protein cocoa (posted recipe yesterday, so scroll down for that one!) and drank that while I checked email. That was almost 30 grams of protein in for the day!

I am apparently going to have the day off from work today as it is after 7:45 am and no call yet... Ahhh, the life of a substitute teacher--never knowing if you'll work that day or not...waiting on the phone to ring like a teenage girl on Saturday night! Of course I could still get called for a half day this afternoon too. SO, after I put my teenage monster (ugh, another post from yesterday!) on the bus this morning, I started thinking about what I could do or get caught up on around here that I just didn't feel like doing over the weekend.

I thought about cleaning out the fridge, but who really wants to do that? LOL I grabbed a cheese stick and pondered... While standing there with the door open though, a package of chicken breasts were staring back at me and I knew that it was close to time to use 'em or lose 'em. SO, I decided today was a good crockpot day! Heck, ANY day is a good crockpot day, but cold days are great crockpot days! LOL

I pulled out the chicken breasts and an open bag of baby carrots. Leaving those on the counter, I hit the cupboard for some cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup. Finally, I grabbed a good sized yellow onion. With the crockpot ready, I laid the chicken breasts in the bottom. There were three of them--about a pound and a half. On top of the chicken breasts, I layered most of that pound bag of baby carrots and then peeled the onion and cut it into about 8 wedges that I dropped in there too. On top of this, I poured the cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soups and spread them around so that they covered everything. And, finally, I liberally sprinkled Everglades Seasoning (best everyday seasoning blend on the market!) over the top of it all. Around 10 am (if I'm still here--sooner if I get called to go somewhere), I will turn the crockpot on low and let that baby go till about 4:30 pm. At that time, I'll mix it up good to break the chicken up a bit and stir in about a cup of Barilla Plus elbow pasta and a cup or two of frozen peas. I will let it continue to cook (though on high) till the pasta is all done.

This will make for an effortless dinner meal that will be yummy on this cold, wintry day!

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