Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life with teenagers...UGH!

I have two of this animal--teenagers! Well, technically, I have 3... I have two daughters, ages 16 and 19. Then, I also have a son-in-law who, while actually 20, acts like a teenager most days. My older daughter and her hubby live at his parents' house and have no responsibility to support themselves, but we (hubby and I) aren't supporting them. My 16 year old, however, is another case. We support her. We love her, but honestly wonder if that emotion is reciprocated most days. She is rebellious and has a bad attitude despite being an almost straight A student who does well and doesn't get in trouble at school (thankfully). She just refuses to do anything that we ask of her at home without first fighting it and stalling. She puts more time and work into getting out of doing stuff than it would actually take to DO the task! And, she is getting worse about staying up way beyond her bedtime on the computer once I am asleep myself. She does NO household chores whatsoever. She doesn't sweep floors. She doesn't wash dishes. She doesn't wash laundry. She hardly ever even cooks anything. She does about 15 minutes worth of outside chores (feeding livestock) a day and acts like it is an all day task to do just that bit. I have to say that I am beginning to REALLY look forward to her turning 18 and going off to college. She is one of those kiddos who will be made move out if she doesn't go to college as you can only take so much disrespect before it wears you down!

Rant over! We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming! LOL

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