Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wow, been a while!

So,...long time, no post, huh? Yep, it has been quite a while since I had a chance to sit down and peck out a post for you guys! Here goes!

I've gotten back to work as a substitute teacher. I've been working somewhat regularly and am actually surprised at how frequently as it still seems so early in the year and teachers are usually sort of stingy with their down days this early out as they may want to use those days for "mental health days" later in the year when they are just plain tired! But, I have had weeks when I got called for every day at least a half day and some a whole day... Sure adds up! I gave my notice with the parent training group and am no longer doing that as of this past Friday. I love the job and working with parents of children with disabilities, but teaching is where my heart lies and getting back into the classroom--even as a substitute teacher--is going in the direction I truly want to go. I hope to find a full-time position in the next year or two. There are actually some social studies teachers approaching retirement in our county, so it may even happen for this next school year. Fingers crossed on that one! I'd prefer to be at the school my daughter attends rather than in the next county over from us... And, Mandy will be a senior next year, so being around school for all the fun stuff will be great! Having that full-time income would be even greater when trying to cope with all the expense of senior year! Senior portraits, cap and gown, graduation announcements, and more! It seems that it never ends! LOL

What else is new??? Matthew (grandbaby extraordinaire!) turned 3 mos old on 10/17. He is just the best baby in the world. He hardly ever cries and when he does you can not even hear it in the next room! He is starting to teethe... This could change things! LOL

He is starting to look a LOT like his grandpa... We're going to have to take a picture of the two of them with their faces alongside one another. You'll see what I mean! His own Momma hadn't noticed it till I pointed it out in the pic above! And I'm talking about her Dad!

He is SO his Momma's son... Check out this one!
How's that for a bed-hog in the making??? LOL He is over 2 feet tall now and weighs about 13 pounds. He's growing like the proverbial weed...

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