Thursday, August 28, 2008

What does YOUR pill/vitamin box look like??

I use this one that I got at RiteAid for $4.99...

7-Day AM/PM Locking Pill Reminder - 2XL
With extra large compartments and large day-of-the-week compartment labelling, this 7-Day AM/PM Locking Contour Pill Reminder gives you all the capacity you need.
This model also features our patented Adult-Lock device that ensures that compartments won't open unexpectedly, preventing spills.
It also includes new patent-pending ID plates so you can custom label the compartments to suit their needs
Each of the fourteen compartments can hold up to 45 (45) aspirin tablets, making this box large enough for people with more demanding medication regimens.
7 Day, Twice a Day Format
AM/PM Contour Reminder
Patented Adult-Lock device.
Approx. Dimensions 9.3" L x 4.25" W x 1" Deep
Each compartment is approximately 1.7"L x 1.25" W X 1" Deep Rounded Scoop Bottom

As I said, I got mine at RiteAid near the pharmacy counter for $4.99. The one RiteAid sells doesn't have the ID plates/labels as mentioned in the description above from
where they sell for $11.99.

As it says, each compartment holds about 45 aspirin tablets, so I have no trouble getting my 2 multis, 2 b complex, 4 vitamin D, 3 stool softeners, 2 magnesium, vitamin A/D, etc in there for my AM and my PM doses.

I also found it at at
That one is $10.99 plus $4.99 shipping.

If you have a RiteAid nearby, check them first! They are definitely cheaper!

I don't put my calcium and fish oils in there as I take those in the afternoon in seperate doses. Those are near my computer and I take them during the day when I sit down to check email. The box above is by my bed. I take my AM vites when I first get up for the day and my PM stuff just before I lay down to go to sleep!

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