Monday, July 28, 2008

Na Na Na Na, Life Goes On....

That was a song in the 80s if I remember correctly... Can't remember who by, but the line hit me today as I sat down to type this entry...

My daughter and her hubby and the baby have been here since Friday. She likes spending time "at home" and her hubby likes being out in the country, away from all the crap that goes on at the apartment complex they live in. I can not tell you enough that I can seriously appreciate that feeling! We've lived 20 minutes (or more) from town since 1991 when we bought our first home. She grew up that way as she was 2 years old at that time. Country living is all she's ever known. She's used to being able to do and have whatever she wants... Want a dog? Fine! As long as you can afford to feed it and can take care of it, there's no landlord telling you no. Want to add on to your home? Go ahead! Nobody to stop you! Want to tear the motor out of your car and replace or rebuild it? Hop to it! They aren't even supposed to work on their vehicles in the parking lot of that apartment complex, let alone do any sort of major repair. There are less than desirable folks living there too, as you can imagine. They've considered living with us for a while till they get themselves set up on their own finally. Yesterday, she commented, "Mom, you may have lots of company this next couple weeks..." By that, she meant that they'd be sticking around here for a while if I didn't mind. I point blank told her that was fine with me! And, it is about more than spending time with my new grandbaby... It is about knowing that they are all safe, happy, and healthy. Her Daddy worries about her and isn't comfortable unless he speaks to her each and every day of the week. If he can't get her on the phone when he tries her, he'll call me and ask if I've heard from her. I am not quite sure what he is afraid has happened each day, but he is not happy till he speaks to her... But, they've been glued to one another since that day in 1989 when we brought her home from the hospital!

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Tanya said...


Have missed you on the group and came here to see what was going on and wow sounds like you are busy! Hope you are having a wonderful time.


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