Monday, July 14, 2008

Kay's Naturals at 20% off!

As you may or may not remember, Kay's Naturals was offering us 20% off their wonderful crunch-craving-solution products. Then, their site became overwhelmed and they had to stop offering the discount for a while. Well, I am happy to report that they have a NEW site up and are offering us the 20% off once again! The new site is at and the discount code is newsite. How simple is that?? The more people who use the discount, the longer they'll be able to offer it to us, so PASS IT ON!! They also still have the $7.50 flat rate shipping--whether you order one item or 101 items! This can really save you some $$!

I'd love it if those of you already familiar with their products would take a minute to comment on what your favorite is and how you eat it if you use it other than just as a crunchy snack. For example, I crumble up some of the White Cheddar Kruncheeze and pour chili on it and then top with some shredded 4-cheese Mexican blend cheese... Sort of a "frito pie" if you will!

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