Sunday, July 20, 2008

Never say never....

I never really said never, but I did say "rarely if ever..." I am referring to dumping... I rarely, if ever, dump. It is often unpredictable and never consistent. I dumped once on two bites of the tomato sauce in a Healthy Choice entree. I dumped on a teaspoon of KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce. I didn't, however, dump on fudge! Most times I eat them, I don't dump on donuts with gooey filling or cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. Now NO, I shouldn't be eating them in the first place and I know that 100%. But, when I eat them, they usually don't bother me in any way other than the guilty conscience!

Lately though, I have been dumping more frequently. I dumped on a cinnamon roll and milk last week. I guess the milk just pushed me over the edge. Then, the day my daughter was in labor, I had 3 sausage links, some hospital eggs (too clumpy to be fresh eggs, probably powdered) and 1/2 a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. I dumped 30 minutes after I ate the bagel and cream cheese. And, I dumped HARD. Then, I dumped intermittently for the rest of the morning--including while my daughter was delivering the baby! I would be fine for 1/2 hour or more and then start getting hot flashes and clammy feeling before my world would want to spin... NOT fun! It happened at least 3 more times. Yesterday, I dumped on Cheeze-Its! Now greasy ole Fritos making me dump I can understand--the fat is obvious! But, baked Cheeze-Its are hard to understand...

One thing that is clear from this post is that I am eating entirely too much CRAP! I tell you guys this for two reasons. 1) I don't want anyone to think that you either dump or you don't dump. It just isn't that easy... It can be very unpredictable! 2) I need the accountability that putting this out in print gives me. I need to eat less junk!

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