Friday, September 19, 2008

Website updates...a necessary evil!

I've been doing the website for a non-profit I volunteer with for like 10 years now... Every so often, you have to go in and recheck all the links on the site and be sure that you are still linking to valid sites and they are the site you intended. It is tedious work and the word fun never comes up in the same conversation! LOL But, it is necessary.

In this case, it was very necessary! The website I am talking about is that of WV CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders). And, the links are all to sites with info about AD/HD--diagnosis, treatment, resources, etc. One link was to a site for support for adults with AD/HD, commonly referred to as ADDults. Well, this link was no longer valid, but it DID go to an ADULT site now! Ugh! SO, it was not the sort of content you'd want your average non-profit/support visitor clicking over to! Thankfully, all of that is done now! I won't have to worry about it again for a bit...

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