Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never this busy when I was FAT!!

I got a private message at OH yesterday from a friend asking, "Are you okay?" Her reason for asking was that I'd been so quiet lately. Well, my reply to her was that yes, I was fine, just BUSY!! Life has been hopping lately!

I was involved in stuff preop, but not like I am now. For example, I was the team Mom and scorekeeper for my daughter's softball team for 9 years. I did all of that from a chair... I was a volunteer for my daughter's 4-H club, but that was usually all stuff that could be done from a chair and/or over the phone. I volunteered with a disability advocacy group for 10 years. But, I spent most of my days sitting at home wishing I could do more...

Now, I am working for a non-profit organization that offers training to parents of children with disabilities. I run the mini-challenges over on the OH boards. I am the LEADER of my daughter's 4-H club. I am the secretary of the 4-H Leaders Association, and we've been doing some MAJOR fundraising this last 6 weeks that have involved getting out there and working! We also have had 4-H camp (a week of sleep-away camp with 60 kids this year) and our county fair which the 4-H kids all exhibit at as well as showing livestock. I am back on the list to substitute teach in my county and am applying in the two neighboring counties as well. Not to mention the fact that with hubby on the road trucking for 2 weeks at a time, I do it all with no daily help from him! It's sort of like being a single mom!
Add in the fact that I have that lovely new grandbaby and you have one BUSY lady.

my youngest daughter (Mandy) with her nephew/my grandbaby (Matthew)

I can't belive he's almost 2 mos old already! He's growing so fast and already weighs in at over 11 pounds! Mandy loves to spend time with him (as do I), but we don't get to do a lot of it lately... Bummer! He's a very happy baby, thankfully and fusses over almost nothing. Can't complain about that...just about not getting to see him more often.

SO, getting back to the point! I'm living and loving life these days to a point that I really never even dreamed of! I'm busy to the point of distraction! Heck, I was so busy on Aug 29th (my 2nd surgery anniversary) that it took an email congrats message from a friend for me to even realize that it was THAT day!

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