Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to school...

Yeah, it is a little late in the season to JUST be saying back to school, but that is the case for me! I may have mentioned that prior to my WLS and losing the weight, my health was so poor that I was unable to teach anymore and I have been away from teaching since 2003 when I let my teaching certificate expire... Well, in 2007, I took two classes and got my certificate renewed. Then, I signed up to go back to work in my county as a substitute teacher till I find something full time and can get back into a classroom of my own. I am also about to apply with the neighboring counties so I can work more often and get to know the folks there and get a handle on any potential job opportunities.

Last Thursday evening, I got the call... My first job as a sub was last Friday. I was a sub for a kindergarten class... Mind you, I am a middle and high school social studies teacher! LOL Kindergarten is not really my cup of tea, but I was excited to get a chance to get back to the classroom! So, I took it anyway and things went great. They were a fun bunch of kids! Then, that very same evening, the computerized system called me again with a sub spot at the high school for two days (Mon/Tues). This time, it was math... I'm a social studies teacher! LOL But, I want to work, so for yesterday and today I have been a math teacher--Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus to be exact! It was interesting when someone would ask me for help with something. I did the math... It has been about 22 years since I last worked an algebra problem! WAY too long to know what they were asking me for help with! But, we muddled through with the help of some brainy classmates. All is well that ends well, right???

The call-in system is computerized and somewhat random. You have no way of knowing when or if you'll get called, so from here on out, it is strictly a wait and see sort of thing. Suddenly the phone rings and you are set for another day--or more!

For today, I'm almost done and just spending some time browsing OH and blogging during a planning slot... I stumbled across a post about a protein bar that Alton Brown did on his Food Network show... Here's a link for anyone interested!

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