Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long, busy days...

I know, I know... I just wrote a blog about being busy, busy, busy these days! But, it is the truth! I stay busy and just seem to have days when I don't even get a chance to sit down! LOL

This weekend, Eliza, Josh and the Baby have been here. So, I have had some snuggle time with my sweetie! He's two months old already!

It isn't the greatest picture of he and I, but we don't yet have one that is a "good one!" This was first waking up in the morning for me. He'd just nursed and Eliza passed him off to me to snuggle while she started breakfast for us all. I was just waking up and he was going back to sleep!

Just to recount one of these busy days...
This morning, I got up and cooked bacon and pancakes for the crew for breakfast.
While bacon was frying, I got a load of laundry rounded up and washing.
After I ate my breakfast, I got to sit with the baby for a bit.
Next, dish washing...
Then, I cleaned and sliced up 4 quart baggies of peppers from my garden and put them in the freezer.
I put the laundry in the dryer.
That was followed by blanching, peeling and pressure canning a tub full of tomatoes that were good and ripe.
Then, more dish washing to clean up after the canning.
By then, we were grilling hotdogs for lunch. I was good and ate my weiners "naked" without a bun! I also had some of the leftover tomatoes with a bit of Splenda added and then simmered down. Yummy!
After lunch and starting dough for a pizza crust, I got a bit more baby time before we went out to do outside/animal chores. He took a power nap--3 mins of out-like-a-light and then he was fired up and rarin' to go!

After that 3 minute power nap, the baby and I helped Eliza feed and water the rabbits and gave them all some big, crunchy carrots. Look how big they are getting! We've already sold 3 of them and have 3 left. They're 2 1/2 mos old...just a bit older than Matthew!
Their momma (in the background in that pic) is about 25 pounds. That bowl they are beside is 9 or 10 inches in diameter! These are BIG rabbits! (Flemish Giants)

After feeding and watering the rabbits, Josh and I got the chicken feed mixed and stored and the extra dog food and rabbit food stored.
Then, back to the kitchen to put away the jars of canned stuff and the canner and such.
Next, the pizza dough was done in the bread machine and it was time to put together the pizza for supper. I make a whole wheat pizza dough in the bread machine and make the pizza from scratch here at home when we take a notion to do pizza. My SIL (Josh) loves it so much he'll ask if we can have pizza when they're coming over to stay for a few days. We had pizza with pepperoni, fresh green peppers from the garden, mushrooms, and lots of cheese! Mandy complained about the peppers. She told me I should put them on top of the cheese so she can pick them off easier. Eliza told her "just get used to the taste!" After growing my bell peppers in the garden and having them without paying 88 cents each, I am finding all sorts of new places to use them! She better get used to it with 4 bags full of slices in the freezer now! LOL

While Josh had requested pizza, Eliza wanted homemade cookies... So, while the pizza was baking, I put together a batch of my oatmeal, chocolate chip and pecan cookies with the protein powder in them. Those are my favorite cookie and are a great cookie for a postop. Check them out when you get a chance. That is an OLD blog post here! LOL

After the pizza was done and I'd eaten and the cookies were done, I got some computer time to scan email, check my eBay auctions and check in here! LOL What a day! I still need a shower and I have to take my vitamins, but this is a good kind of tired! It is the kind of tired that comes from a day well spent!

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