Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whatchya Readin??

So, I've been visiting the library pretty regularly lately and trying to use reading for a bit as a way to unwind and go to sleep each night. I've managed to avoid just laying down with a book and reading the day away though! Lately, I've been reading more James Patterson books than anything. I'm in a Fern Michaels right now. There are some new Nora Roberts (the circle trilogy) that I've not yet got to... I read a couple of newer Sandra Brown books last month. I have a handful of authors to whom I go when I hit the library. When they don't have anything new for me, I have to search for someone else to try... My list looks like this:
Nora Roberts or JD Robb (my first stop!)
Debbie Macomber
Fern Michaels
James Patterson

Then, when those fail me, I go for:
Robin Cook
Michael Palmer (Cook and Palmer are medical themed suspense)

And, just lately, I read a book by the Kellermans and will probably try some more of theirs soon. Another one I've read a book or two by is Karen Robards. Oh, and I like the FBI thrillers by Catherine Coulter...

Got any new names for me to try???

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Pam said...

Hey Lea -
Sounds like we have the same taste in authors! I LOVE Nora and have to read everything of hers that comes out new. Then every couple years I've got to go back and re-read the entire In Death series too.

I'd suggest you check out Sue Grafton's alphabet series and also Janet Evanovich's series too (the number series). If you like JD Robb and James Patterson, you're going to love these two also.

As soon as my life slows down I want to get back to reading more too. Might need to make a trip to the library this weekend to get myself all set up. :-)

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