Friday, June 13, 2008

4-H Camp

I am now the chief glutton-for-punishment of our local 4-H club... To those of you unfamiliar with volunteering--that would be the leader of the 4-H club! It is a thankless job and you get NO pay other than the appreciation from the children who are involved. You get little to no support from many of the parents and, if lucky, you have a core group of parents whom you can count on when it really matters--like when you are doing some sort of event, such as 4-H camp! I am the secretary for our county's 4-H leaders association, so I get roped in to a bit more than some regarding the day to day running of our county's 4-H camp. This year, that includes not only teaching 2 classes to groups of kiddos, but also being the banker for the camp program... Camp starts on Monday and runs through Friday, so next week will be hectic to say the least! I have to drive to camp every day and be there for about 10 to 12 hours each day. This is 30 minutes to, 10 to 12 hours there, and 30 minutes home each and every day of next week! It is also almost $80 in gas cost! Ouch!

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4-H Agent said...

Good for you! 4-H is a WONDERFUL organization and is so dependent on adults who give their heart and soul (and piggy banks) to kids! God Bless You!

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